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WITHOUT Invading Your Privacy, WITHOUT Needing Any Kind Of Signup, And WITHOUT Wasting Your Time With Unnecessary Junk!

Ovvy Gets It Done, No Questions Asked!

Instead of forcing you to create an account, verify that you're not a robot, and flooding your browser with spy cookies…

Our recording software is truly just ONE click away from being ready to go! In a hurry?

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Who Is Ovvy For?

Ovvy is for people that want a no-nonsense recording software that will be able to satisfy all of their needs.

Whether you're looking to create Highly-Professional Business Presentations, High-Quality Videos For YouTube, Streaming On Twitch Without Stuttering, Make Personal Videos For Your Friends And Your Family…

Ovvy can do all of that, while keeping it as simple and as efficient as possible!

Here Are All The Reasons Why THE OVVY Recording Software Is Leaps And Bounds Above The Rest:

You could have a webcams, multiple videos playing in the background, and 3 of your friends talking. It doesn't matter!

Ovvy, unlike many other recording software out there, will get you a high-quality recording of everything, without losing out on any of the action.

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• Easily Record Your Entire Screen, Or Just Specific Sections!

• Showing everything is not always a good idea, Ovvy gives you the ability to record only certain areas of your PC screen, and this goes for recording videos on your screen as well.

• Unlimited Recording Time.

• While most recording software like to limit their users, we frankly don't care! Record as much as you'd like.

• Simultaneously Record Multiple Sources: Cam, Microphone, Videos on the Screen..

• Saved Directly On Your Computer not into someone's sneaky server. As we've said before, we value your privacy. This is why, our software, contrary to our competitors, doesn't upload all of your videos to someone else's server; they stay in your computer.

• No Browser Add-On Rubbish. A recording software that's simply an add-on is doomed for mediocrity. We're here to change the game, to take the next step, and for that, being an add-on is simply not enough.

• No Account Needed, No Signups And Logins, No Cookies. Why should you have to go through multiple, tiresome processes just to use a recording software? You shouldn't. That's exactly why Ovvy gets you right in the action, without any nonsense.

Now For The Big Question…

You can use Ovvy, and all of its features, benefits, and so on and it NEVER EXPIRES…

Completely FOR FREE, the only downside being a small watermark and a small banner in the UI, and if you press the little shopping cart below, you'll be able to get lifetime license which WON'T put a watermark on your videos.

And, when it comes to going premium, WE DO NOT USE A SUBSCRIPTION-BASED PAYMENT.

Although that's quite popular nowadays, we wholeheartedly dislike it, and in order to get LIFETIME ACCESS TO OVVY, you only need to pay once.

If you're looking for a recording software you can use ALL OF YOUR LIFE that's leaps and bounds above its competition, Ovvy is the perfect match.

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