IXI Screen Recorder 4 in 1

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Phone Recorder + Cam recorder

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Why is IXI Screen Recorder the BEST Screen Recorder for Android?


Free Version gives unlimited recording time, without any watermarking. The Free version has a few non-intrusive ads that help us cover our development and operating expenses.


The floating controls make it a snap to Video record the entire screen, or Audio record phone calls or Grab a Screenshot swiftly.


Tap on the TOOLS icon and you can turn on the camera and simultaneously record the camera while recording the screen.


Tap on the HOME button, and you get the settings screen where you can change all kinds of things, and the galleries where you can see neatly arranged all of your screen recordings, video recordings , audio recordings etc.


Tap on the TOOLS icon and you can open up the BRUSH palette if you are feeling snarky and would like to pen something on top of the video recording that you are making.


For a one time payment of $1.99 you can upgrade IXI Screen Recorder to PRO and get rid of all the ads. IXI is the lowest cost and highest quality screen recorder for androids, period! Stop paying monthly subscriptions for low quality Software.


IXI Screen Recorder is a safe and quality product from IXI Design LLC, Spokane WA, USA.

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Main Feature

Video Chat Recording


Record the entire screen

Record sound from whatever is playing on the screen

Record input from your own microphone

Record input from your own phone camera

Phone Call Recording


Record phone calls when you feel you need some evidence.



Grab high quality screenshots effortlessly and easily

Recording List


All of your screen recording videos, screenshot images and your audio recordings arranged neatly for you to use.

Brush Feature


Activate the brush control (under tools) and you can write on the videos while you record!

Language Support


Multiple Language Support All Major World Languages!

What is a screen recorder app and why do you need one?

A screen recorder app is a software that allows you to record everything that happens on your device's screen. You can use it to create videos of your screen activities, such as:

  • Showing how to use an app or a feature
  • Demonstrating a skill or a technique
  • Sharing your gameplay or achievements
  • Recording a video call or a live stream
  • Capturing a bug or an error
  • And much more!
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Screen recorder apps are useful for various purposes, such as:

  • Education: You can create instructional videos for your students, colleagues, or clients.
  • Entertainment: You can share your fun moments with your friends, family, or followers.
  • Business: You can showcase your products, services, or projects to your customers, partners, or investors.
  • Personal: You can save your memories, experiences, or ideas for yourself or others.

Here are some of the most important features in a screen recorder that everyone wants:

  • Selection of the capture area. Most screen recorders only allow to grab the entire screen.
  • Webcam capture.
  • Audio capture.
  • Showing keystrokes and cursor.
  • Editing.
  • Export formats.
  • Sharing.
  • For game playthroughs. but they can be used to film activity on your desktop, file explorer, online browsing and more.
  • Creating tutorials for your YouTube channel or blog
  • Making training videos to onboard new team members
  • Demonstrating how to use an app or feature
  • Recording gameplay to share with friends or on social media
  • Capturing a memorable moment in a video or photo app
  • Keeping a record of an important video call or meeting
  • Recording YouTube videos or live streams
  • Making fun videos or memes

What should I look for in a screen recorder?

  • High Format Recording Support (4K, 1080p, etc.)
  • Dedicated Modes for Recording the Screen More Effectively.
  • Ability to Add Personalization in Recordings.
  • Recording Phone calls and audio only recordings.
  • Simple editing tools
  • Ability to record input from the camera simultaneously.
  • Ability to record the screen along with screensounds.
  • Ability to record the input from the device microphone simultaneously with recording input from the device speakers.

You might have some questions and concerns about screen recording apps, such as:

  • How can I record my screen without any watermark or time limit?
  • How can I edit my recordings with filters, stickers, music, and more?
  • How can I share my recordings with others or upload them to social media platforms?
  • How can I record my screen with internal audio or external microphone?
  • How can I record my screen in high quality and smooth performance?

How to choose a screen recorder

There are a few things customers consider when choosing a screen recorder.

  • Features. First, you need to consider what features you need. Do you want to record your screen in HD? Do you need to record audio as well? Be sure to choose a program that has the features you need.
  • Interface. You should consider how easy the program is to use. Some programs are more complicated than others. If you are new to screen recording, you may want to choose a program that has a simple interface.
  • Support. Find out what kind of support the program offers. If you run into trouble, will there be someone available to help you?
  • Compatibility. Make sure the program is compatible with your operating system. Not all programs work with all operating systems, so be sure to check before you download
  • Reviews. One more thing to consider is what other people are saying about the program. Checking reviews can help you see the upsides and downsides of a particular program.
  • Price. Of course, you also need to consider price. Some programs are free, while others come with a subscription or one-time fee. Choose what works best for you and your budget!
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How to choose the best screen recorder app for Android?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a screen recorder app for Android, such as:

  • Quality. You want your videos to be clear, smooth, and high-resolution.
  • Features. You want your app to have all the tools and options you need, such as editing, annotation, audio recording, facecam, etc.
  • Ease of use. You want your app to be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Compatibility. You want your app to work with any Android device and any app or game.
  • Security. You want your app to respect your privacy and protect your data.
  • Price. You want your app to be a one time pay, at a reasonable cost, and never a recurring subscription that can suck money out of your bank account for a lifetime.
  • You want your screen recorder app to be free of annoying advertisements.

The Quest for the Ideal Screen Recorder:

People are curious, and rightly so. They want a screen recorder that transcends the ordinary, addressing their unique needs. The questions we uncovered ranged from the basics to the intricate:

  • "What's the best screen recorder for Android?"
  • "How can I record my screen with high quality?"
  • "Are there screen recorders with no watermarks?"
  • "Which apps offer easy editing features after recording?"
  • "Do screen recorders drain my phone's battery?"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is screen recording used for?

Screen recording can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating tutorials, recording game sessions, or capturing a video call. You can record whatever’s happening on your screen to share it with others or to view the recording later yourself.

2. Is screen recording detectable?

It depends on the recording tool you’re using. For example, if you’re using inbuilt recording options in Zoom or Google Meet, these apps show a warning saying that the conference is being recorded. However, if you capture your screen with a third-party screen recorder, the recording process can’t be detected.

3. Is it safe to use screen recorder?

To be certain that your recorded data is secure, buy an official license to use a screen recorder. Most online screen recorders also guarantee data protection.

4. Can I record my screen on an older version of Android?

It depends on your specific Android version, but screen recording is generally not a built-in feature on older versions of Android. However, you may find third-party screen recording apps on the Google Play Store that are compatible with your device.

5. How do I record my screen without audio?

Most screen recording apps allow you to choose whether or not to record audio along with your screen. If you want to record your screen without audio, you can turn off the audio recording feature in the app you are using to record your screen.

6. Can I record my Android screen and camera at the same time?

Some screen recording apps allow you to record your Android screen and camera simultaneously. However, this feature may only be available on some apps and may require a more recent version of Android to work correctly.

7. Why can't I record my screen on some apps?

Some apps, particularly those that deal with sensitive or copyrighted information, may have built-in security measures that prevent screen recording. Additionally, some apps may require specific permissions or settings to be enabled to allow screen recording.

8. Is it legal to record your Android screen?

The legality of recording your Android screen depends on the context and purpose of the recording. In general, recording your screen for personal use is legal, but if you are recording sensitive information or other people without their consent, you may be breaking the law. It's important to understand your area's relevant laws and regulations before recording your screen.

9. How do I edit my recorded screen video on Android?

There are a variety of video editing apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to edit your recorded screen video on Android. Some popular options include Adobe Premiere Rush, Kinemaster, and PowerDirector. These apps offer a range of editing features, from simple trimming and cropping to more advanced effects and transitions.

Common Concerns and Questions about Screen Recording Apps

  • Quality: Will the recorded videos be clear and high-resolution?
  • Audio: Can I record both system audio and microphone audio?
  • Editing: Can I edit my recorded videos before sharing them?
  • Features: What additional features are available, such as facecam and watermarking?
  • Compatibility: Will the app work on my Android device?
  • Ease of Use: Is the app easy to use and navigate?

What are the challenges of using a screen recorder app?

While using a screen recorder app can be very convenient and useful, it can also pose some challenges and limitations for you. Some of the challenges are:

- You may experience performance issues or lagging on your device while recording your screen

- You may consume a lot of battery power and storage space while recording your screen

- You may encounter compatibility issues or errors with some apps or devices while recording your screen

- You may violate some privacy or copyright laws or policies while recording your screen

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Some of the common challenges and problems that you may face while using a screen recorder app are:

- You may experience performance issues or lagging on your device while recording your screen. This may happen because recording your screen requires a lot of resources and processing power from your device. This may affect the smoothness and speed of your device's performance and cause delays or glitches in your recording.

- You may consume a lot of battery power and storage space while recording your screen. This may happen because recording your screen requires a lot of energy and data from your device. This may drain your battery quickly and fill up your storage space fast. This may limit the duration and quality of your recording.

- You may encounter compatibility issues or errors with some apps or devices while recording your screen. This may happen because some apps or devices may not support recording their content or output due to technical reasons or restrictions. This may prevent you from recording some apps or devices that you want to record.

- You may violate some privacy or copyright laws or policies while recording your screen. This may happen because some information or content that you see on your screen may be confidential, personal, protected, or owned by someone else. This may expose you to legal risks or consequences if you record or share such information or content without permission.

Consider the following questions to assess your screen recording goals:

  • What type of content do you intend to record? Are you capturing gameplay, software demonstrations, video calls, or something else?
  • What resolution and frame rate are necessary for your recordings? High-quality recordings require higher resolutions and frame rates.
  • Do you need additional features like video editing, annotations, or live streaming?
  • What is your budget for a screen recorder? Free options are available, but paid versions often offer more advanced features.