The top 10 screen recorder apps for Android

Being able to record the screen on your Android device can be really useful, Whether creating content for social media, tutorials or just something to help a friend, being able to show exactly what is on the screen can make all the difference.

However, if you want to record your Android screen, a quick search will show you that there are dozens of apps to help you. But which one should you use? We have tried them all so that you don’t have to, and here are our picks for the top ten screen recorder apps for Android devices.

IXI SCREEN RECORDER : High Performance and low priced at $1.99 lifetime license

IXI Screen Recorder is a FREE Screen Recorder + Audio / Phone conversation recorder + Screenshot Maker + Cam Recorder, all in one and is one of the few apps that can record the screen, the sound from your screen/speakers and your microphone input and your selfie camera input , all at once without missing a beat! Plus, you can write on the screen while recording, And you can use the FREE version (ad supported) to create videos without any watermarks, and without any length limitations. You can get rid of the ads for a ONE TIME payment of $1.99, which gives you a lifetime license. No subscriptions, no forever payments. You will NOT find another screen recorder app that does all that.


  • Simple to use
  • Video Screen-recording
  • Phone call recordings
  • Screenshot recorder
  • Screen-recording includes microphone input and camera input simultaneously
  • Write on the screen while recording
  • No time limits or watermarking in the free version
  • Pro version is available for a one time payment of $1.99


  • Built in edit has minimal features
IXI Screen Recorder
Video Chat Recording Phone Call Recording Screenshot

How to Screen Record on Android with AZ Screen Recorder:

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, AZ Screen Recorder is one of the most popular screen recording software. It allows you to record in Full HD and Quad HD quality with no time limit and without the need to root your device. By recording the screen, you will be able to record the sound of the device and the sound detected by the microphone, which is perfect for gaming. When you start the first recording, you will see a small menu where you can pause, resume and stop the recording completely, and best of all, the captured video will not have a watermark. AZ Screen Recorder is completely free, without watermarks or other limitations. However, to remove the ads, you need to purchase the subscription, which only costs US$2.99.


  • You won't experience unexpected stops while recording the screen
  • You can quickly hide the recording window during a recording session
  • AZ Screen Recorder is free to use and does not display watermarks on recorded screens
  • There is no video limit or frame rate limit, meaning you can record as long as you want in HD quality


  • Some people complain that the record button is not hidden during the recording process
  • The audio function stops working, sometimes affecting the video clip
  • AZ Screen Recorder app contains ads that can only be removed by purchasing a one-time subscription plan
AZ Screen Recorder AZ Screen Recorder 2

How to Screen Record on Android with - Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen screen recorder is another app to consider when recording your Android screen. Its ability to record in the highest quality and without limitations makes it capable of recording up to 2k. There is also an easy-to-use interface and customization. The functions are simple but distinctive and you can even take photos in real time. The ability to capture internal and external sound from a mobile phone is also available regardless of the application. After recording the entire video, the app allows you to edit it multiple times by adding text, music, and other elements. The best of all is that this app is completely free.


  • It is not necessary to use external apps to record your screen.
  • Easy to use.


  • Minimal tools compared to other Android recording apps.

How to Screen Record on Android with Screen Recorder and Editor Screencast-O-Matic:


  • Captures audio clearly and annotations are available.
  • Customizable brands.
  • Speech to text analysis.
  • Upload to YouTube.


  • Some MP4 codecs have problems playing.
  • The free version only lets you record for 15 minutes and leaves a watermark.

How to Screen Record on Android with Screen Recordator&Grabar Video: Screen Recordator&Grabar

Video is one of the most popular Android screen recording apps for gamers. Its popularity in the gaming community is due to the fact that it does not reduce game performance while recording the screen, so the video game always remains fluid and without data loss. It is clear that you can record the sound of games or any application you want, as well as sound from outside, there are no restrictions for recording, it all depends on the free space on your device. And for added convenience, the key buttons are always in the notification area. Additionally, the app is completely free.


Does not reduce game performance while recording screen

The key buttons are well located in a place that does not interfere


Contains many annoying ads

Sometimes the recording freezes

How to Screen Record on Android with Screen Recorder Video Recorder:

This program has definitely earned the love and respect of many users and that is due to its constant updates that have greatly improved its functionality. The application has extended the recording time to more than one hour, the external and internal sound of the mobile phone can be recorded at the same time, and even its recordings do not have a watermark. As for the application, which is completely free, it is worth paying attention to its minimalist interface, which contains only the necessary buttons: pause, resume and close in the notification area.


You can record for more than an hour

Does not have a watermark

Easy to use


It has many annoying ads

Some users report that the app is slow at times

How to Screen Record on Android with ADV Screen Recorder: ADV Screen

Recorder is a free to use Android screen recording app with many useful features. It is designed to record everything that happens on your Android screen. and record audio at the same time. Does not require root. You can start or stop screen recording by tapping the button. Video resolution, bit rate and frame rate can be adjusted in settings. While recording your Android screen, you can also record your face camera, enabling front and rear cameras that appear in one corner of the screen and can be dragged to other corners. Additionally, it is one of the best screen and audio recording apps on Android because it offers options to write, point, or draw on the clip with your fingers. You can choose the color and customize it. It does not have a video editor. But in return, you get a relatively lightweight app, around 6.4 MB compared to AZ Screen Recorder's 23 MB. The best thing is that this app is completely free.


Video editing software to trim, enhance and increase the quality of videos.

While recording, it makes use of the front and rear cameras.

The ability to draw on the screen is supported.


When filming gameplay in PUBG, you may face certain difficulties

How to Screen Record on Android with ScreenCam Screen Recorder:

If any application has managed to win the affection of its users for its simple interface, it is undoubtedly ScreenCam Recorder. Additionally, it is very easy to use once you have decided to download this app. The features and settings are well organized and there is no confusion. The biggest advantage of this program is that it is ad-free and has built-in tools for editing the recorded video, in addition, the Nougat 7.0 overlay makes it very convenient and easy to use. The best thing is that this app is completely free.


Does not contain ads

Easy to use

Simple interface


Video editing tools are very limited

Some users report that the app sometimes freezes while playing a video game

How to Screen Record on Android with XRecorder:

XRecorder is a screen recording app with a wide range of features such as high-quality video recording, the ability to pause and resume recording, and edit videos after recording. Its interface is quite clean and intuitive and it also has its own recording library. Best of all, every time you start recording, the system displays a pop-up menu with the most important buttons. You can drag these buttons wherever suits you best and they will not appear in the final recording. In addition, the application has its own video editor, whose service allows you to make appropriate edits despite its simplicity. You can add clips and music to your videos, crop, add blur effect and much more, All in one completely free app. But to remove watermarks you must pay a monthly subscription of $3.50.


It is rich in recording features

The application is continually updated.

It has very responsive customer service.


Sometimes some errors occur.

The latest version is chaotic and a bit confusing.

Some features are clunky.

How to Screen Record on Android with RecMe:

This is a completely free Android screen recording app that works on almost all phones, rooted or not, and allows you to record videos with internal and external audio without time limit or watermark up to 1080p at 60 fps. Adjust parameters and pause or resume recording, perfect for recording video games. It does not require root access to install on versions older than Android 5.0, but you must run its activation software on your computer to start recording your screen.


Record videos without time limit or watermark up to 1080p

Can be used on rooted or non-rooted devices


The ads are very intrusive

Contains some audio problems

How to Screen Record on Android with Super Screen Recorder:

Record video on screen: If you have a latest generation mobile phone, download this application. It allows you to capture videos up to 2K at 60 fps without storage limits. Recording buttons are displayed with a floating button or set them to be visible in the notification area. You can also record sound from games or programs, and even sound detected by the microphone. As if that weren't enough, you can add text, draw on the screen while recording, or highlight areas of the screen. This app contains a 3-day free trial, after that you will have to pay a subscription of $2.50 per month.


Record videos without time limit or watermark up to 2k 60fps

It does not contain time limits or watermarks in the trial version.

It has a powerful video editor


You must purchase in-app products to access other features.

These are just some of the best screen recording apps available for Android. You can choose the most suitable one, according to your needs and preferences. Don't hesitate to try them and start recording your most memorable moments on your Android device!